Sukhothai Two Day Itinerary

Wondering how To Spend 2 Days In Sukhothai? Welcome to your very own Sukhothai two day itinerary. I hope that this guide will help you to plan your trip. Sukhothai is the perfect little place to explore for a day of two and here’s how to make the most of your time in this stunning historical city.

Sukhothai is about 430km north of Bangkok on the river yan and is said to be the birth place of Thai art, architecture and language.


Where To Stay in Sukhothai:

If I could turn the clock back and visit all over again (which I would love to), I would base myself in the old town. Here there are plenty of food options (including vegan options) and it all comes at a relatively cheap price from the restaurants right next to the historical park.

I’ve heard that the accommodation is slightly more expensive in the old town. However if you’re willing to pay a small amount extra you’ll be located a lot closer to the historical park.

During our time in Sukhothai we stayed in the new town as there were plenty of cheap accommodation options, we managed to get a great deal on trivago as we went at a pretty quiet time of year. We are all about that budget life.

To travel to the historical park from the new town, hop on to the public bus. You can hail the bus from anywhere, literally anywhere (just stand on the correct side of the road). Ask the bus driver to  drop you off at the bicycle hire shop or to the historical park if you are exploring by foot.

The public bus is very inexpensive and the drivers are friendly and helpful. You’ll even get a chance to mingle with some of the locals and you’ll understand when I say that Sukhothai is one of the most friendly places I’ve ever been. The locals are always keen for a chat, a laugh and some even ask for a harmless selfie.


Exploring The Sukhothai Historical Park

The best way to explore the historical park (in my opinion) is to hire a bicycle. Expect to pay just 30 baht for the whole day until 5pm.

The park is surprisingly big and would be impossible to see it all on foot in just one day.

As somebody who isn’t completely confident on a bike I can assure you it’s a stress free and safe place to cycle. There are no cars and it’s almost completely flat.

If you’re a morning person like me, you’ll rejoice at the fact that the early hours are the best time to visit.  Like most tourist destinations, catching the views while everybody is still wondering what to have for breakfast is the way to go.

The park is open from 6am-6pm daily.

Come to Sukhothai Prepared

Each of Sukhothai’s historical sites has a small price for entry. Make sure you bring enough change with you because (like most places in rural Thailand) they don’t accept card payments. Also expect to pay an additional fee if you decide to enter with a scooter.

I know you’re going to love this place. Its bursting with smiles and history. The park guards are friendly so don’t be shy when asking for help or directions. 

My top tip for visiting Sukhothai: Download the free app called You’ll be able to use the maps offline and  locate every single temple and pathway. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Sukhothai two day itinerary. keep scrolling to see all my snaps from this beautiful location!

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Peace and love,

The Lost Girl



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