Is it easy to be vegan in Chiang Mai? Yes. I’ve tried all of the food so you can skip straight to the good stuff. Here is The Best Vegan Food in Chiang Mai – Top 25 Vegan Restaurants and Cafes.

Chiang Mai really is the Vegan Mecca and as well as having tones of vegan restaurants, most of the restaurants offer a vegan option.

So here is your ultimate guide to the best vegan food in Chiang Mai:

Aum Vegan

100% Vegan

This place blew my mind. We ate here a few times and we were never left feeling disappointed. The menu really is huge and there are so many choices, it’s going to take you a while to read through this menu. We had the tofu curry, pad Thai, spring rolls and the mango sticky rice! The portions are big and the mango stick rice was unexpectedly beautiful. The upstairs seating area is so peaceful and nicely decorated.


100% Vegan

We literally ate here at least a few times a week as it was very close to our apartment. It’s not the cheapest Thai food on the planet but it’s not too expensive either. My personal favourites are: massaman curry, green curry, pad Thai, pumpkin soup, country fries, pancakes and the banana and chocolate smoothie. The food here is consistently good.

Mai Kaidee

100% Vegetarian with vegan options

This is one of the most well known vegan cooking schools in the area, and for good reason. The food is immensely flavourful! I would recommend ordering a few things to share if you’re with a group/ couple because you’ll want to taste many things from the menu.

(Ate the food before I could take pictures)

Blue Diamond

Vegan options (almost all the cakes are vegan and well labelled)

Wow. I was not expecting this amount of vegan cakes and donuts! Here you’ll find vegan carrot cake, chocolate cake, banana cake, donuts, coconut macaroons and exceptional looking breads. Every time we walked past we bought the coconut macaroons are they are so delicious! Blue Diamond also serves food! The sweet and sour vegetable dish is so good! I’ll admit that I have the biggest sweet tooth and this place was a life saver for us living in Chiang Mai.

Ama Vegan

100% Vegan

Firstly I have to say that the lady who owns and runs this place is an AMAZING human. This wise elderly lady has traveled the entire world, lived in many different places and it’s easy to see that she is passionate about her vegan lifestyle. All of the food here is fresh and made with only the best ingredients, she admitted that she buys expensive ingredients and keeps her food price low. She only cooks for others what she would cook for herself. This food is all MSG and sugar free. If she cooked for me every day for the rest of my life I’m pretty sure I would become immortal. You can even join her meditation class here! To find the place, follow the directions on google maps, if it feels like you’re walking into a fancy hotel, you are in the right place! It looks pretty fancy but it’s really cheap!


100% Vegan

Best vegan fast food I’ve ever had! The chicken burger is delightful and omg you have to try the milkshakes! They are made with coconut and dates are used as the sweetener! It’s a little more expensive that your average Thai meal, but it’s worth it if you’re craving some fast food.


100% Vegan

This is probably one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Chiang We first found out about this place on our first ever visit to Chiang Mai back in 2018. All of this time has passed and its still consistently one of the best vegan restaurants in the city. I recommend: anything and everything.

Wrap Master

Vegan Options

I was soo annoyed with myself because I literally discovered this place on my last day in Chiang Mai! How could I let this happen! It was seriously one of the most delicious burritos I’ve ever had and the vegan options are incredible! It’s easy to see that they have put immense effort in the vegan options here. I had the “Earthling” and it was just perfect!

Bodhi Tree Cafe

100% Vegetarian, most of the food is vegan

This is one of our personal favourites. The food is simple and has a home cooked feel. It’s a vegetarian restaurant, so they do serve egg but most of the menu is vegan. The staff are friendly and I love the seating arrangements, it’s a very relaxed place.


Vegan Options

Personally I think this is the best Indian restaurant in Chiang Mai. The amount of vegan options is incredible and the food is so authentic! They made sure that the food wasn’t too spicy for us and they were really kind and friendly! You can also do a vegan Indian cooking class here!

Pink House Garden

100% Vegetarian with vegan options

Yes yes yes! If you like cute outdoor picnic style seating then this is your place! Just look out for the big pink house and head into the garden! The people are so nice and friendly and the food is home cooked and delicious! They also have some insane cakes here! Soo good!

Imm Aim

100% Vegetarian with vegan options

We ate here a fair bit because it was right near our apartment. The food is very modern and different here! It’s very fresh and flavourful! The pad Thai was not like any pad Thai I’ve had before, I do love the authentic standard pad Thai but this was such a nice change! I also had a rather spicy paneng curry, Probably reached my spice limit here.. but it was still enjoyable!

Number 9

They serve all food here, but they are especially good at catering for vegans. (Just specify no egg)

We stumbled across Number 9 by accident after seeing lots of tofu dishes on the board outside. This family run restaurant is incredibly cheap and the portions are huge! This is the only restaurant on this list that does serve meat, but there are plenty of vegan options and the owner is very helpful and understanding. I love to get the sweet and sour here as it’s packed with fresh vegetables! The list of vegan options is massive. I just wish more people knew about this place! It’s ridiculously cheap and we ate here at least a few times a week.

Alchemy Vegan

100% Vegan

We came here in search of churros. Sadly as we were only in Chiang Mai in low season, we didn’t manage to get any. However we did have a delicious chocolate cake and they have lots of yummy coffees and grilled vegan sandwiches to offer! If you’re around Chiang Mai in peak busy season please try the churros for me and let me know how they are!

Home J Vegan &Teaw J

(this is the exact name on google maps)
100% Vegetarian (most of the food is vegan, ask the lady)

This was our “local”. It was a 10 second walk from our apartment. This lady kept us fed for 2 months while we were living in Chiang Mai. Everything is vegan and everything is so yummy! It’s a buffet style restaurant so just ask for rice and point at what you want. She makes these little fried pumpkin/ aubergine things which have been fried in a sweet sauce! Incredible! Saturdays are self serve days so grab a plate and dig in!


Free Bird Cafe

100% Vegan

I haven’t tried much of the food here but I did have a chocolate smoothie bowl and it’s something that i’ll remember for the rest of my life. It was a really good smoothie bowl.. but a little expensive. If you like cute trendy cafes then you’ll love this one.

Im Jai (Shan Tou Hao Chi)

100% vegetarian (most of the food is Vegan)

You can find this vegan buffet at Maya shopping centre food court. The food is really really tasty and the portions are really big! It’s very cheap and the staff are happy to heat the food up for you! We loved this place and sometimes went all the way to Maya just for this!

Pun Pun

100% vegetarian with vegan options

We found this place a little tricky to find (right by a temple), but once we arrived we were mesmerised by the peacefulness. The food is simple and really has a home cooked feel. I really enjoyed the flavours of every meal we tried but we did find the portions a little small. It’s the perfect place if you want to treat your self to some yummy good and experience wonderful tranquility.

Vegan Heaven

100% Vegan

This was one of the first restaurants we visited on our first ever time in Chiang Mai and it’s still amazing! The location has changed (the previous location is now the Rad Rabit) but the food is still very high quality! We ordered food from here on foodpanda over 10 times. I can recommend the massaman curry and the pumpkin curry! And omg the best vegan brownies I’ve ever had in my life! We had so many brownies here and they were consistently good!

Rad Rabit

100% Vegan

(formerly Vegan Heaven, same owner). This is a 100% vegan western food restaurant. They have everything from vegan pizza to deep fried cauliflower wings! The staff are so friendly! It’s a little pricey but if you’re craving pizza, you’re craving pizza.

Taste From Heaven

100% Vegetarian with vegan options

We didn’t visit the restaurant itself, however we did order this from food panda multiple times and the flavours are very good! When ever we walked past it was very busy and it seems to be a very popular vegetarian restaurant.

Peppermaint (Peppermint)

100% Vegetarian with vegan options

We stumbled upon this place while walking to a different vegan restaurant. This street of Chiang Mai is one of my favourite streets to walk down, there are many vegan cafes and it’s just a good vibe quiet area. This particular restaurant had big yellow signs saying VEGAN. They offer vegan pizza, curries and everything else you can imagine!

Ones I didn’t get to try:

If I could go back to Chiang Mai right now, I would love to try these three places. We didn’t quite make it to these ones but really would have loved to. If you get a chance to check them out, please let me know how they are!

Asa Vegan Kitchen


Amrita Garden



Thank you so much for reading, enjoy your trip to Chiang Mai and enjoy the amazing food that this city has to offer!

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