Every day more and more people decide to move into a tiny home on wheels. This can be for many reasons. Here’s why we decided to live in a van. Not only is it cheaper than a house, but it also offers that sense of freedom many people search for.

Whilst I can’t speak for other people and their decision to move into a van, I can talk about ours. I hope this will give you some valuable insight into why I and many others are choosing a nomadic lifestyle.

Where It All Started

This won’t be the first time I’ve lived in a vehicle. This will be my 5th home on wheels.

I’ve been completely nomadic since November 2014, and before that, I was exploring the UK and playing at music festivals with my tiny motorhome, lovingly named Idris.

During the next few years I had lived in two different vehicles in New Zealand (where I met Jake), followed by a small estate car/ station wagon in Australia which we threw an old piece of foam mattress in and slept in for 4 months whilst driving 20,000km around the coast and through the desert.

After leaving Australia we made Asia our home. We rented apartments in Ubud, Bali and Chiang Mai, Thailand and traveled everywhere in-between spending, 2/ 3 nights at a time in homestays, hostels and the beautiful hotels we were lucky enough to collaborate with.

Whilst we loved the freedom of moving around, life just got a little hectic. We work as online English teachers so moving from place to place, making sure the internet was good enough making sure the room was quiet enough, making sure we had a room each so we could teach at the same time and making sure we had our phones and laptops charged was getting a little tiring.

We had planned a holiday to the UK to visit family for Christmas so that’s what we did. At this point, we actually had no plans to transition to van life.

So, Why a Van?

Of course, we aren’t ready to settle down just yet, we might never be. So being able to move our little home anywhere we like seemed like the next obvious step. That’s why we decided to live in a van.

It went from a tiny spark of an idea to a solid plan very quickly.

After looking at so many campervans online we realized that the perfect van just isn’t out there, it just doesn’t exist. We must make our own.

So that’s where we’re at now. We have the van and we have a solid plan and layout.

Thanks to my Mum and Dad we have tools to use and a driveway work on. Not only this but we have the extensive knowledge from my Dad who has been a boat builder all his life and my Mum who is one of the most creative individuals on earth. We are trying to complete the build completely by ourselves but being able to pick the brains of my parents is invaluable.

We will be filming the entire build and making informational guides about how you can do the same, so stay tuned.

If you would like the latest updates and notifications on the build, follow my Instagram here: @sheisthelostgirl

Thank you for reading!

The Lost Girl



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  1. We wish you both all the luck and happiness in the world.We miss you both when you are away from home, but we know that you have to live your lives In what ever way that makes you happy,if you are healthy and happy then we are happy.we love you very much and take care.All our love Nana and Grandad xxxx

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