How to pass the Palfish interview

So if you’ve clicked onto this blog post you’re probably wondering how to pass the Palfish interview. It’s easy and nothing to stress about, I promise. I’m going to walk you through every step. 

As you’re here you’ve probably already read [this information about teaching on Palfish]. If you haven’t, I recommend giving it a read and watching the sample video of myself teaching so you know what you’ll be doing (click here for that).

Applying for Palfish

If you haven’t already created your teaching profile you can do so for free here:

You can also use this referral code when you log into the app to gain access to my top secret tips and tricks: 23678281

About The Palfish Interview Process

For the interview, you are expected to demonstrate how you would teach a student for 15 minutes. In these 15 minutes you will need to introduce yourself and your classroom, show how you would get a child to circle something on the screen, and take the imaginary child through the slides.

The class you will be demonstrating is called “Hello Monkey”. Every single Palfish class including this one is preplanned by Palfish themselves. All you need to do is enter the online classroom and guide the student through the slides encouraging them to draw on the screen, repeat the words and if they are able, have topic related conversations. 

The “Hello Monkey” class that you’ll be demonstrating in the interview is targeted at a very young non-English speaker so you will only be encouraging them to repeat words and circling the pictures on the screen. You’ll be armed with cute animal filters that will appear on yours and the child’s face, this is a tool you should be using in the interview as well as a few props like child-friendly toys. 

Can I Practice The Interview Before Hand?

Yes, you can! As soon as you set up the time for your interview, you’ll be able to enter the classroom and practice as many times as you like. While you’re practicing, try to time yourself so you can try to teach the class for 15-20 minutes. 

You can also watch the full version of my Palish interview at the bottom of this blog post.

How long after the interview can I start teaching?

Personally, it took two days for my interview to process and then I started teaching right away. There will be a little quiz after the interview, you’ll find the answers to this quiz on the ‘Official Teachers Handbook’ on the app. As soon as this is complete you will be able to open your schedule and start teaching. Of course, the times you’ll be working depends on where you live. My favorite times to work are between 3 pm and 9 pm Beijing time. This is the after school time in China. But you can work whenever you choose, as long as it’s not during the night in China’s time. It took me a while to get my head around it so I usually just google the time zones or use that handy iPhone time zone button on the clock.

Palfish Interview Top Tips:

How to pass the Palfish interview:

  • Introduce yourself clearly and confidently with a big smile and posters on your background.
  • Click the little “TG” button at the bottom of the page, it literally tells you exactly what to say. All of the Palfish classes have one of these, I used it in every class for the first couple of months, but after a while, you get used to the general layout of the classes and it becomes second nature. After a year of working for Palfish, I don’t think about it anymore, it flows.
  • Use the filters. They are a lifesaver when you’ve got a sad student who needs cheering up. This is why Palfish needs to see you use one in the interview.
  • Just keep smiling. Don’t stop smiling whatever you do. Even if you stumble over your words, just smile it off and keep going, you will most likely be a little bit nervous so take a deep breath, smile and continue. 
  • Give the imaginary student time to speak. As weird as this might sound. During the interview there will be no child in the classroom, you’ll have to use your imagination. Put your hand to your ear as if to prompt them to speak, congratulate them, clap, cheer, make sure they are well praised throughout.
  • Space out the gold stars. You have this wonderful ability to reward the child with gold stars, spread them throughout the class and make sure you use all five.
  • When saying goodbye, thank them and simply click the X in the top right of the screen. Make sure you’ve been in the classroom for a minimum of 15 minutes. 

After you’ve finished the interview you’ll be asked to complete a quick test. Its very easy, all of the answers are in the “Official Handbook” which is located on your home screen of the Palfish app.

I talk about my Palfish experiences and showcase examples of some of the classes here on Instagram.

There are many people who are promoting Palfish who don’t actually work for Palfish, I see it all the time. There are also people who are promoting Palfish who have only worked a couple of hours and are promoting their referral codes. My advice would be to get real advice and guidance from somebody who has been working for the company for over a year, somebody who has worked over a thousand hours on the app, like myself. 

I am here to guide you through your Palfish application and help with any questions you may have. I’ve also got the resources and experience to give you advice on how to be successful. There is nothing I don’t know about this app and how it works.

If you’re unsure if an online company is legit, ask to see proof of hours worked, like this: // Referral: 23678281

The Real Actual Screen Recording Of My Palfish Interview

There’s nothing better than having a good old chuckle at someone making a fool out of themselves, singing “Hello Monkey” and grinning from ear to ear. So just for you, I’ve got a screen recording of my actual Palfish interview. Nothing will prepare you for your interview like this will so make sure you give it a watch. 

To view this video simply log into Palfish with this link — (same link on my original Palfish information blog) or use the referral code: Already have? Send me a message on Instagram and ask for the password. 


Thank you very much for reading, I hope this has helped you further your teaching online journey. Now you know how to pass the Palfish interview you are invincible.

You’ll now be able to start earning money from your phone/ tablet like me.

Please let me know how your interview went, I am here for you to offer advice, so reach out any time. 


Stay safe and stay wild, 
The Lost Girl

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