Today I’m going to be talking about my favourite places in Cornwall. Because of my love for photography these places happen to be perfectly photogenic. These are the Best Places In Cornwall | Instagrammable Photography Locations.

So without further ado, lets get started.

If you’d like to see a cinematic, informational video of our road trip adventure around Cornwall, check out this video: 

Thatchers Rock

Before we arrived in Cornwall we made a quick stop to Thatchers Rock and we are glad we did. We were the only ones there. You can park for free on the side of the road and talk a 2 minute walk down to the view point. 

Thatchers Rock


Charlestown is a village and port on the south coast of Cornwall. When we were there it was calm and peaceful. There are lots of doves here. this is because a flock of doves were released on a film set for a dramatic scene. 20 years later these doves have thrived and are now part of the charm of Charlestown. 
The water here is the clearest water we’ve both ever seen in England! This really got us excited for the rest of our trip.


Kennall Vale

Its hard to find words to describe this place. I had seen this place pop up on a few blog posts about Cornwall so we decided to stop here on our way to the coast. After walking around for a good few hours we got slightly lost, there are so many small paths that wind through water filled queries and  buildings that once produced gun powder.
It had been raining a lot before we arrived, so the small water falls we alive with motion. 

Kennall Vale Nature Reserve

Lizard Point

Next up is lizard point. We were recommended this place by a lovely instagram follower. The scenery here is rugged and dramatic. You can park by the side of the road for free and use the footpath to reach the coast. 

Lizard Point

St Micheals Mount

This is st micheals mount. One of the more famous spots in the south of Cornwall. When the tide is low you can use the granite causeway to reach the mount. Its a short walk but make sure you check the tide times. 

This is st micheals mount. One of the more famous spots in the south of Cornwall. When the tide is low you can use the granite causeway to reach the mount. Its a short walk but make sure you check the tide times. 

St Micheals Mount

Pedn Vounder

Next Is Pedn Vounder. This is one of the most impressive beaches I’ve ever seen. We knew that getting down to this beach wasn’t easy as we did our research beforehand but somehow we missed the fact that it was a naturist beach. It was a chilly day, the beach was quiet with only a few people kayaking and exploring the rocky caves. It was easier going up than coming down, we couldn’t stop looking at the view behind us, it was breathtaking from above. One of our favourite things about Cornwall so far was the rugged land that couldn’t be made into farm land. 

Pedn Vounder

Perranporth Beach

Now for another beach, this one is called Perranporth. It was spacious with lots of small rock pools to explore. 

Boobies beach

This beach was insane, we got here early and paid £5 to park all day. There are three beaches in this area that are just a short walk from eachother so we reccomend parking up for the day and walking between the three beaches. 

Jake braving the cold water on the Bech next to Boobies Beach

The Big Hole

We kept walking all along the cliff, there are so many small beaches that looked impossible to get down to, which is why they are  untouched and pristine. The last beach we found during our clifftop walk was a beach joke visited with his family when he was little. He remembered jumping off this rock into the sea when the tide was in. 

The Big Hole


Our favourite part shop in Padstow is the Cornish bakery.
For us Padstow was food heaven. In the space of an hour we found vegan patsties, delicious chips, ice cream and even dairy free fudge.A short walk from Padstow is Padstow beach. We didnt expect a beach so beautiful right here we just stumbled across it. Perfect place to take a picnic. 

Bos Castle

This looked like something out of a film. It looked like a place you might see in Iceland, not England! I think that was partly due to the majestic sea mist. The town was very picturesque too. 


It was early in the morning when we started walking to merlins cave. We parked in a near by car park for £4 which paid for our stay all through the night until 10am so we took the chance to explore while everybody else was sleeping so that we could leave when our car park ticket ran out. Like the day before it was very misty, but this just make it look even more breathtaking. 
The cave fills with water at high tide, but has a sandy floor and is explorable at low tide.Tennyson, a British poet, made Merlin’s Cave famous by describing waves bringing the infant Arthur to the shore and Merlin carrying him to safety.
You dont need to buy a ticket to walk down to merlins cave, but you do need a ticket to see the castle over the bridge. We took the opportunity to walk up and long the cliffs for a detour back to the van.

Thank you very much for reading! I hope you have found some nice places to visit in Cornwall and some photo ideas! I hope you enjoyed reading about The Best Places In Cornwall | Instagrammable Photography Locations!

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