So a little while ago I reached out to all of my wonderful followers on instagram. I asked if you guys had any questions about this lifestyle and how to travel full time.

So here are the answers to all of those questions. I’m going to be completely transparent in every single answer, so get ready for some real honesty. 

So if you want to find out how i’ve managed to stay travelling full time for over 5 years, keep reading.

How much money did you have to save before you left?

Before I left for my travels in 2014 I had £3500 in my bank account. That felt like a lot of money at the time but after skydiving, whitewater rafting, caving, and many other fun (and expensive) activities in New Zealand… The money disappeared pretty quickly. 

I had find a job quite soon on and ended up working in a cafe in Taupo on the North Island. Having earn a little money I could continue moving south. After driving all around both islands I settled in Queenstown where I worked multiple jobs to save some more money. 

After that I worked on a potato farm in Australia and slept in the boot of a station wagon whilst driving 19,000km around the country. Sleeping in your car is defiantly one way to save money, and one way to learn a lot about yourself. You can earn a substantial amount on a farm.. and if you’re careful with how you choose to spend it it will go a long way.


How do you make money?

Currently I am working online. I still can’t believe that I am able to do this and its incredible being able to work from anywhere in the world. I am an online teacher so if you want to find out how to work online as a teacher check out this: blog post. I don’t have a degree and I’ve made anything from £1500-£3500 per month depending on how many hours I work. However its very well paid so I don’t have to put in many hours to get a lot out. Believe it or not, I don’t even work from a laptop, I literally make my income from my phone. This is my best top for people asking about how to travel full time.


Do you prefer travelling from place to place or staying in one place?

I find great amounts of joy in both. I love the uncertainty and spontaneity of going from place to place and I also love to live in a local area for months on end discovering hidden secrets, local (vegan) food and learn a bit of the language.


 Where did you start?

I started in New Zealand. I honestly believe this is a great place to start as a new traveller. Everyone is insanely friendly, the locals are caring, helpful and welcoming and the scenery is going to confirm that you’ve made the right decision. Whenever I get a message from someone wanting to start travelling long term, but not sure where to go first, I always suggest this mountainous beast of a country.

Travel full time

Why did you decide to live this lifestyle?

As a kid I always dreamed of living in a van, being free, doing something a little different. I knew quite early on that I didn’t want to stick around in one place for too long. Before I left for my travels in 2014 I was exploring the UK in a little camper van playing at music festivals all over the country.

Ive always been good at saving money and managing my finances, that’s the only way that I’ve made this lifestyle possible. Right now I only own 2 pairs of shoes and my clothes are worn over and over until I sew them and continue to wear them. I also don’t drink and that is my biggest money saving tip (not to mention health tip). 


 Have you had any experiences that have had you scared for your safety?

A fair few. I’ve had more than my share of complete disasters and fails, I’ve even doubted why the hell i’m doing this in the first place. But yeah, as a traveller you are definitely putting yourself out there, putting your self in scary situations no matter how careful you are, it can’t be avoided. Keep a cool head, stay calm in any situation and you’ll manage.

One of the most recent was the journey from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap in Cambodia.. the driver was completely reckless and my life actually flared before my eyes at one point. 

Another was when I had an asthma attack on a night train that was crawling with cockroaches and really feeling like I had taken my last breath before I reacher for my inhaler. 

Another was in New Zealand when I broke my arm whilst snowboarding… I was still a little way up the mountain and had to snowboard down and into the medical centre with my hand hanging off. 

One from Australia hmmm.. while I was working on the farm I was bitten by a spider. My lips started to tingle and my legs went numb, I remember it was on my dads birthday and I remember crying and saying I didn’t want to die on any dads birthday (woahhay im still alive). 

There are plenty more but im not going to bore you with all of them.


 Did you start travelling alone or with a friend?

I was lucky enough to embark on the adventure with my best friends sister (now a good friend of mine). She had travelled a lot and we just decided to go to New Zealand together. We traveled together for a couple of months but as we are both ridiculously free spirited, we followed different paths when it came to our travels. There is so much to see and there are so many paths leading to so many different adventures.


 How do you teach when you’re sick? How do you cope financially when that happens?

No joke, I am never sick. I remember one time I had a cold for 24 hours and I thought I had dengue fever… But then I recovered. That’s probably the only time I’ve been Ill apart from when I caught a waterborne virus on a boat back in 2015. I put it down to my simple cheap vegan diet and lots of peanut butter.


 Did you and Jake meet before travelling or whilst travelling?

Get ready for a really romantic love story! Just kidding, we met in the hostel where we were both working for accommodation. He was often pottering around with his camera and the creative sparks flew. Our first date was a walk around the Queenstown gardens, followed by a hike up a mountain to a suspended helipad overlooking the lake and majestic mountains. We haven’t looked back since. We encourage each other to follow our dreams on a daily basis and I think this is what makes our relationship so incredibly strong. There nothing better than genuinely wanting the best life for someone and someone wanting the best for you too. 


 What are your long term plans?

I’ve left this till last because this is the most difficult for me to answer. I honestly have no idea. I will definitely still be blogging, taking and editing photos and living a nomadic life of course. I hope to record more music and continue being creative in all aspects of life.

Of course I would like to continue helping people learn how to travel full time. This brings me so much joy!

I have a feeling 2020 is going to be a big year so watch this space. 


 I just want to thank everyone who asked a question. Most people asked the top two questions so I hope the answers are informative and useful.

I hope this has encouraged you to live your dream and travel full time.

Thank you for reading, I am forever grateful for your support.


Travel courageously, 

The Lost Girl 


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