Western Australia where the sand is white and squeaky, the water is clean and glistens in the sun. Here are The Best Beaches In Western Australia.


Cape Le Grand National Park

Hell Fire Bay

Nestled quietly in the breathtaking Cape Le Grand National Park, Hell Fire Bay is the kind of place you could only think up in your wildest dreams. The water is so clean you can see the sand sparkling as the waves crash.

Thistle Cove

Also in Cape Le Grand NP, walk along the coastal rocks to explore this pristine beach and gaze at the huge rock formations in the hills. This is the perfect place to find a sheltered spot and read a book.

Lucky Bay

I really wanted this beach to be my all time favourite. However the sand had been ruined by years of cars leaving muddy tracks. It was such a shame to see that this beach was in fact a car park.

Having said this, I HAD to put Lucky Bay in my top 10 thanks to the family of tiny kangaroos that live here. Sit still on the beach and you might make some furry friends. Just be careful not to feed them any weird human food as it might not be good for them.



Twilight Bay

This beach is very easy to access from Esperance town centre and for this reason it can get pretty busy. However it is the perfect (and safe) place to go for a swim. Try climbing along the rocks to the right hand side of the beach, we found some perfect rocks to jump off. In my opinion some of the The best beaches in western Australia are in Esperance.

10 Mile Lagoon

When doing my research before this trip I didn’t really see much about this beach. It’s a little out of town but man, it really doesn’t get better than this. We came here almost every day we spent in Esperance. An offshore limestone reef forms a barrier to large waves and creates a lagoon. Here nature has created a shark free, care free and generally danger free pool where you can float around in the water with no worries.

Oh yeah… One thing to remember, if you walk in the slight different direction for too long, you’ll come across the nudist beach. If that’s your cup of tea, just walk around the corner for an all over tan.

Blue Haven Beach

If you’re looking for a photogenic beach, this is the one for you. Take the wooden staircase all the way down to “Haven”. Be wary that at certain times of the year there can be lots of seaweed on the sand and as it’s quite a small beach, remember to check the tide times.



Red Bluff Beach

So at first glance this beach doesn’t look the most spectacular. But if you’re lucky you might spot a couple of pods of dolphins. This is where I first tried body boarding the waves were taller than me in places and at one point I thought I would have to be hospitalised for the amount of sand that had entered my body (let’s not get into that).

We had a bit of a scare when we noticed black fins around us, until we we realised that they were dolphins *sigh of relief*.



Greens Pool

This place can only be described as quiet, peaceful with plenty of places to stretch out on your beach towel.

Elephant Rocks

Wow. Don’t miss out on seeing this one. Check the tides before you visit, as you might not be able to explore much of the beach while the tide is in. If you’re climbing for a better view, be careful as the rocks are steep and slippery (I was wearing flip flops but would recommend sturdy shoes). I wish we could revisit this beach and watch the tide reveal the sand.



Ningaloo Reef

Honestly every single beach in Exmouth is just waiting for you to explore it by snorkel. Okay so when we visited there had been a freak storm that had brought in thousands of Red Bell Jelly Fish, but we did manage to do a few shallow snorkels.

Also if you have some money saved I really recommend doing a whale shark swim. Exmouth is one of the few places in the world where tours don’t effect the natural migration of the whale sharks. Choose an eco friendly tour like Live Ningaloo.



Cable Beach

This is the place to be at sunset. Here’re you’ll see silhouettes of camels walking across the reflective sand. Literally a photographers paradise.

Thank you so much for reading The Best Beaches In Western Australia.

I hope this has given you plenty of inspiration for your WA trip. Feel free to follow along my journey here.


Travel safe and watch out for kangaroos on the road.


⁃ The Lost Girl






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