How To Be Vegan In Thailand – Tips

It way easier than you might think to be vegan in Thailand.

Fresh fruit, shakes and vegetable based dishes can be found around every corner. Pretty much all this dishes are vegetable based, so all you need to do is ask for the meal with no meat (if that option is not already on the menu, which it often is).

The only challenge you may face is what they’ve used to cook the food with, like fish sauce or broth. In order to avoid these you’ll need to learn the lingo, now here’s the part where I tell you that being confident and proud with your pronunciation is most important.. easier said than done I know, it can be nerve racking and sometimes you can feel like a bit of an idiot (trust me, I’ve been there) but confidence and a big smile is key.

Now repeat after me “Chan Ghin Jay” if you’re a women, or “Pom Ghin Jay” if you’re a man. This translates to “I Am Vegan”.

The concept of veganism, or “jay” (เจ), has been around for hundreds of years in Thailand and is connected with Buddhist spiritual practices. So you’ll have no problem asking for vegan food in Thailand.

If you want to go more specific, let them know that you don’t eat fish sauce: “Chan/Pom Mai Ghin Nam Pla” or no egg: “Chan/Pom Mai Ghin Kai.

Keep an eye out for this sign, screenshot it so you have it on your phone:

The Symbol Of Veganism

Thank you so much for reading, hope this has given you some confidence in ordering vegan food in Thailand.

Travel safe and adventure far,

⁃ The Lost Girl

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