The ULTIMATE Guide To VEGAN Food In Ubud, Bali

If you’re looking for the best vegan food in Ubud then keep reading.

I will put [100% vegan] next to the establishments that don’t serve meat at all. All of the places listed have AMAZING vegan food with MANY OPTIONS.

Not all of these establishments are 100% vegan and this is because I think it’s really important to show the non-vegans of the world that vegan food is beautiful and delicious! As veganism grows and grows I think it’s important to show all restaurants that vegan food is popular, it is the future, and it is in demand. Supply and demand is real.

Ayo Vegan

[100% Vegan]

Did you know that “Ayo Vegan” translates to “Lets go Vegan”! I thought that was pretty cool.

Ayo Vegan is clean, cosy and comfortable. The staff are friendly and instantly make you feel very welcome. Most importantly, the food is delicious. We started with the Veggie Crunch Tofu Soup which was so full of mouth watering flavour and textures, followed by the Wrap Star and the Tasty Curry. To finish it off we had the chocolate brownie. Can I just say, I will always remember the Wrap Star. It was basically my two favourite things combined: a pancake and a burrito. It was full of veggies, rice and beans.

With a wide selection of hot and cold drinks, smoothie bowls, sides, soups, cookies and cakes this is definitely top of my list and I will return time and time again whenever I visit Ubud!

Here’s a little something from the lady who created this wonderful place:

“As a young Balines wife and new mother, my mind awakened to the idea that I needed a path to purify and to progress in the right way. My mother and grandmother each had restaurants and I was pulled towards cooking and serving others as a way to clean my past in this and past lifetimes. Starting with Wulan vegetarian Warung five years ago and now with Ayo Vegan, I try to inspire people to embrace a life-affirming attitude by showing them that food can be be delicious and compassionate at the same time. If you love what we are doing please continue it in your own life and share your journey with others so we can change the world. Much love, Wulan.”


[100% Vegan buffet] (Some vegan and non-vegan cakes in the counter)

If you’re looking for an ALL YOU CAN EAT vegan buffet, then this is the one I would recommend. The interior is clean and fresh so if you’re a bit OCD with cleanliness but still want to try a buffet, then this is the perfect place. The staff are professional and the food is all separately laid out for your choosing. There are actually a few vegan buffets in town but this one is by far my favourite. There are so many dishes to choose from, everything is bursting with flavour and you can eat as much as you want! The staff are very friendly and are happy to explain the ingredients if you ask. They also have a pretty huge selection of delicious cakes and ice cream! This definitely beats the other vegan buffets in town.

Atmans Kafe

[Lots of Vegan options]

Wow, we have eaten here so many times. I would provide a long list with all the food we’ve tried but Jake was so obsessed with the pizza that he didn’t want to try anything else, a bit of food FOMO there! The pizza selection is pretty big and every pizza can be made vegan with delicious cashew parmesan. They have a really big menu so be prepared to spend 10 minutes deciding what to get. The Pad Thai is beautiful and probably one of the most authentic ones I’ve had in Indonesia. The chocolate smoothie bowl is decadent and there are so many options for vegan drinks and smoothies.

The interior is relaxed and trendy with a choice of pillow or chair seating. While you wait for your food you can browse the shop, it’s full of reusable straws, water bottles, sustainable clothing and jewellery and they even sell waste free menstrual products! While you’re paying for your food, take a look in the cake counter, there you can find plenty of raw vegan sweet treats and even dairy free ice cream!

Dayu’s Warung

[Lots of Vegan options]

This place is so underrated. When you first enter you’ll see lots of yummy homemade snacks and cakes, the cakes look incredible and everything is labelled so you know exactly what’s vegan. The seating is all upstairs, it’s peaceful and definitely doesn’t feel like you are in the town centre. As for the food… insane! I was absolutely lost for words the first time I ate here. The bun-free vegan sweet potato burger is amazing, the best part is that it comes with a side of curry, now that’s my kinda side. Even the tea here is delicious, the lemon and turmeric tea is the first tea that Jake has ever enjoyed and since then, he’s become a bit of a self proclaimed herbal tea connoisseur.

Mumbai Station

[100% Vegetarian]

Craving Indian food? This is the place to be. I had no idea what to expect before we came here, I didn’t even read any reviews, I heard it mentioned by a fellow vegan and off I went. This place did not disappoint. They know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to authentic Indian food. I used to have an obsession with mango lassies but it’s so rare to find vegan ones, but here at Mumbai Station they have a vegan mango lassie made with coconut yoghurt. It was mouth-wateringly good. We tried a few different curries and they really are exceptional. I would say this is the best Indian food in Ubud and also very well priced.

Fussy bird

[Lots of Vegan options]

Are you a fussy bird? I am. I’m fussy because I take a lot of care over what foods I use to fuel my body. It’s really important for me to stay away from all animal products because I know that’s good for my health and cruelty free mindset.

Fussy bird has everything for the fussy eater. All the food is gluten free and everything on the menu is labelled so you know exactly what you’re eating. Every meal on the menu has the option of vegetable, chicken or fish, so it’s very easy to chose the vegan option. The food is delicious and they also offer a cooking school.

The interior has a choice of floor or chair seating and has a very relaxed vibe. I enjoyed sitting at the front and watching the world go by.

Sopa garden

[100% Vegetarian]

I really really really like this place. I like everything about it. It’s the sister restaurant to Warung Sopa and the lady who owns them is delightful. You can choose from the Nasi Campur counter or order fresh from the menu. I really liked the dumplings, the vegetable sushi and the Nasi Goreng is the best I’ve ever had… and I’ve had a lot of Nasi Goreng. There are also plenty of delicious drinks and cakes! It’s a little out of town compared to Sopa’s other restaurant, but I really like the seating arrangements and how peaceful the area is, so if you’re biking around, I 100% recommend this place!

Clear Cafe

[Lots of vegan options]

This is the fanciest place on the list. Clear cafe is trendy and very instagrammable. It’s literally a tardis. From the outside it looks like a small intimate cafe, but it opens out into a large complex with a beautifully designed downstairs and upstairs dining area. You can see why this place gets so busy! As for the food, you will be spoilt for choice! Weather you’re a carnivore or herbivore they really do have ALL of the choice. From vegan pizzas, vegan lasagne and curries, to burritos, smoothie bowls and traditional Indonesian food! The drinks are also incredible, I had the coconut mylkshake and Jake had the green juice and both were delicious! I had the ‘taste of India curry’ and Jake had a bean burrito followed by a brownie with coconut ice cream! Clear cafe really is food heaven and it’s definitely the kind of place to go all out and treat yourself.

Siboghana Waroeng

[100% Vegan]

If you’re looking for something local and authentic then this will not disappoint. Set in a family compound, this locally owned and run restaurant is very cheap and the quality is incredible. The building itself has a strong essence of traditional Balinese architecture and upstairs you’ll find lots of art and interesting things to look at. One of the best things I’ve ever eaten are the sate lilits here, I can’t even describe them that’s how good they are and all I know is that I need that secret recipe and I have to go back there! All of the food is vegan and despite the fact that service is a little slow, every single meal is fresh and sooo well flavoured!

Bali buda Ubud

[Lots of vegan options]

Okay so Bali Buda isn’t 100% vegan but you won’t be disappointed with the options and the quality of the food. It’s a quirky place and you can even request an earthing tray for your feet, which is essentially a tray of dirt and grass but it’s surposed to re-energise and re-connect you to nature. They were all being used when we were there but I guess it makes for something a little different! The food is very tasty, we both had the vegan buger and the meal itself was huge! They definitely aren’t shy with portion sizes here, even my mint soda was so big I almost couldn’t finish it (but of course I did).

The location is great and you’ll be spoilt for choice with food options. I really do recommend this.

Wulan Warung

[100% Vegan]

This warung is owned by the same lady who owns Ayo Vegan (top of the the list). The food is a little different here but the style is the same, which is definitely a good thing because the food is incredible! Compared to Ayo, Wulans is a little closer to the town centre and a little smaller, but the quality of the food is to die for. We ate here quite a few times and my favourite is the savoury pancake in a green curry sauce and also the chocolate pancakes (pancake obsession is pretty serious). Jake had the Nasi Goreng and damn it’s a special one, it’s so different from your standard Nasi and it’s about one million times more delicious. They also have a huge variety of biscuits! Love love love this place.

Warung Sopa

[100% Vegetarian]

Warung Sopa is the sister of Sopa Garden. All of the food is either labeled: ‘vegan’ or non-vegan’ and the staff speak very good English so if you do have any questions they are happy to help.

We have visited Warung Sopa countless times during our stay in Ubud, the location is great, the food is simple yet delicious and it’s inexpensive. I will keep visiting this place time and time again whenever i’m in Ubud.

Cafe Beras

[100% Vegetarian]

We visited this cafe while we were staying across the road at ‘Nataliya Homestay’ (which is wonderful by the way). Cafe Beras is a vegetarian restaurant full of vegan options and is very cheap! The food is Japanese inspired with a vegetarian twist and the cafe itself is small, intimate and clean. The staff are so nice and they are really good at pointing out exactly which items on the menu are vegan. 85%of the menu was vegan anyway! In one sitting we had a serving of gyozas, 2 tofu burgers, a mie goreng and a chocolate tart each. I don’t think they’ve ever seen anyone eat as much as we did. In our defence, we had been up since 5am exploring Tegalalang rice terraces and were starting to get hangry. We really enjoyed the food and there are so many things off the menu that I still want to try!

Lazy Cats Cafe

[Lots of vegan options]

We came here craving a burger but ended up having a bowl. Unfortunately, the bun of the veggie burger contains milk, however we were very grateful that the waitress let us know. Jake had the BBQ tofu bowl and I had the other bowl on the menu (I don’t remember the name of it but it was really good). It was a little over priced but the food was high quality and the portion sizes were okay! The drinks are spectacular and there are many choices for vegan raw deserts. If you’re looking for somewhere cute, trendy and instagrammable then I do recommend this place.

Puspa’s Warung

[Lots of vegan options]

We literally found this place on our very last day in Ubud. We wanted to try something new and hopefully find another vegan gem for the blog. Guess what? We did. So this place is not 100% vegan but every meal can be made vegan Upton request. We had the jackfruit rendang and it was delicious, it was pretty spicy but the bowl was filled with delicious vegetables and loads of fresh jackfruit. They also have tonnes of fresh fruit juice and kombucha! The warung itself is very small and it does get pretty busy, its in a great location on one of the main streets and the staff are very kind. Wish we had found this place sooner.

Ghriya Superfood

[Lots of vegan options]

There is this really special part of Ubud that isn’t really that well known to tourists. It’s a little path that goes all the way through the rice paddies, the views are gorgeous and it’s just a really peaceful place to walk or ride through. (Note: there is no space for cars on this path, and I only recommend using a bike if you are confident as the path is thin and there is a bit of a drop either side). Anyway, all we wanted was to find a little place along this pathway to eat and enjoy the views, there are a lot of over priced cafes in this part of Ubud, but this one is reasonably priced and the food is yummy. We both had the vegan tortilla and it was really nice! The staff are so friendly and we made friends with a cute dog.

Veggie Karma

[Mostly Vegan]

Veggie Karma is a vegan buffet in the centre of town right opposite the main supermarket of Ubud (Coco Mart). I didn’t enjoy it as much as the Sawobali buffet but it was still very good. Make sure you arrive hungry as, for the price, you want to get a decent amount of food. The fact that it is in the dead centre of town makes it a very convenient place to eat but rumour has it, they use oyster sauce in some of their dishes even though the sign on the outside says “vegan buffet”. So you would have to ask the staff which dishes are vegan. This is why my favourite vegan buffet was Sawobali, everything was vegan there and they didn’t try to cut any corners by using animal ingredients. But if you’re nearby, want a quick meal and don’t mind asking the staff about ingredients then this is a place you can get your fill of food.

Okay that’s it! If you find any more vegan food in Ubud that I haven’t mentioned, feel free to comment below and share the vegan love.
Thank you very much for reading.

Travel courageously,

-The Lost Girl

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