Jamahal Private Resort and Spa

My cheeks ached from smiling at the end of my stay at Jamahal. The staff who glow with positivity, welcomed us so warmly. During our time in Bali we were lucky enough to experience two different villas at Jamahal.

The first had a gorgeous grand wooden interior with a luxurious outdoor bathroom. The bath was filled with flowers on our arrival and the smell was exquisite. The main pool has natural leafy surroundings and has a real Bali feel to it, you can bask in the sun or take refuge from the heat in one of the cosy lounge boxes.

As for the larger villa, just wow. The villa boasts private massage rooms, two impressive bathrooms, a large comfortable living area, a beautifully designed bedroom and a private garden and pool.

I honestly enjoyed every minute of my time here but here’s my top 3 memories from my time here:

The romantic candle lit dinner by the pool

The immaculate spa rooms and the 90 minute signature massage.

Free access to the Ibiza in Bali beach club (an amazing place to watch the sunset)

Thank you Jamahal for the unforgettable experiences.


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