Jungloo at Kabiki

It took me seconds to fall in love with this whole place.

Why do I love Jungloo at Kabiki so much? It’s different, new and exciting. If you’ve never tried glamping before, this is a good place to start. The jungloo has a little extra glam making it feel like you’re having a luxury holiday as well as being emerged in nature.

My favourite thing about the Jungloo is how it’s been specifically designed with the south East Asian climate in mind, you’ll see what I mean as soon as you enter the bungalow. It’s spacious, airy and comfortable.

Another thing that I love about Jungloo is the wonderfully low impact it is on the environment. The building materials have been sustainably sourced to lessen any environmental damage, let be honest, all new hotels around the world need to take note here.

I love the natural colours and simple designs that really give this cute little bungalow a real Jane and Tarzan feel.

MAADs Have gone above and beyond to create something special and provide a really unique experience for their guests.


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