Update: September 2021 – I no longer teach online as I have finally managed to start my own photography business after four years of building my portfolio! Even though I don’t teach online anymore, please feel free to use the information in this blog post.

If you’re wondering how to teach English online and travel the world as a digital nomad then you’ve come to the right place. Alternatively if you are a looking to work from home then this is also the place for you.

I’m about to give away the biggest secret to how I manage to earn a large income without having to “go to work”.

Today I’m going to talk about some great platforms you can use to make money online as a teacher. Some of these you wont even need a degree for.

1. Palfish

This is the company I worked for 3 years. There are two types of teaching you can do on palfish free talk and the official kids course. Freetalk is where you can log on and chat to adults (in English) and you get paid by the minuet. You decide how much you want your minutely rate to be. The second type of teaching and the one I do is The Official Kids Course. This is where all the lesson plans are pre-made, all you do is log onto the app and take the student through the slides on the screen, it even tells you what to say.

You won’t need a degree but you’ll need a TEFL, (I got mine from wowcher for £19). If you’re from the US or Canada you might be able to find a course on Groupon. I usually recommend the “International Open Academy 120 Hour” course as it comes with a certificate code. This is not an affiliate or sponsored, just friendly advice. It takes most people a week to complete but I have seen people complete it in a day.

In order to get paid you’ll need a Payoneer account. This is a very safe and simple way of getting paid. I’ve been paid on time every month for year that I’ve been teaching on Palfish. 

If you would like to get $25 for free when you make your first £1000, use this link: www.payoneer.com. That first £1000 will come around quickly if you have the time to put in. My first month on Palfish made me £740 and since then I’ve been working full time. (2020 update: I’m not only working part time as I’m travelling full time in my tiny home on wheels)

Join Palfish for free by clicking HERE

Here’s me teaching one of my regular students:

I talk about my Palfish experiences and showcase examples of some of the classes here on Instagram.

2. Magic Ears

Another great online teaching platform is Magic Ears. I would suggest trying out multiple teaching platforms to find your favourite! You can join for free by clicking: HERE

3. Cambly

This is one of the post popular online teaching platforms. I would say the most popular. You can join for free: HERE.

I’ll continue to add teaching platforms to this when I find good ones! I don’t want to recommend anything I wouldn’t use! 🙂

Wishing you safe (but exhilarating) adventures,

The Lost Girl



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