Sungai Villa Bali

This villa is by far the most luxurious place I’ve ever stepped foot in. On our arrival we were greeted by warm, welcoming people. While they were helping us with our bags we couldn’t help but become engulfed with positive energy, the staff are truely wonderful.

My first impressions couldn’t be voiced out loud as I was left completely speechless by the overwhelmingly beautiful surroundings. 

Many things took me by surprise here, one of those things is the food, it’s exquisite. The chefs made a huge amount of effort to prepare delicious fresh vegan meals throughout our stay, I will never forget the taste of that aromatic pumpkin curry.

During my stay I felt a great amount of freedom and privacy, everything was kept spotless during our stay, the staff were thorough yet discrete. 

I can’t thank the staff enough for making this one of the most memorable stays of my life.